Contractual Staffing

Recruiting workforce through a contract and not as a full time employee is referred to as Contract Staffing. This form of a Contract based arrangement can be between two companies or between a company and an individual. The duration of such contracts could be anywhere between one day to one year.

When is Contract Staffing Beneficial for a Company?

Many a times it is important for a business to hire people with key skills that are not directly relevant to their core business. A typical example would be a bank requiring a team of telemarketers to introduce or promote a new solution. By getting a trained, focused team through Contractual Hiring, the company retains their focus on their core business and get an experienced workforce to take care of a time bound activity. The company also has limited obligations towards the ESI, Provident Fund and other statutory compliances which are routed through a Contractor in case of Contractual Workers.

Does Contract hiring benefit the Workforce?

A cut throat competition and high customer expectations in just about every business vertical has increased the demand of quality work and honoring timelines. Companies are beginning to appreciate the need of a skilled workforce for their primary as well as temporary activities. This ensures that a person who has domain expertise and a continuous, relevant work experience will fare better than another who has switched roles and responsibilities frequently. A person who stays in the relevant domain by offering services to multiple companies through Contractual Staffing over time will be considered a domain expert who has benefited from a multi culture experience.

It therefore makes more sense for Companies as well as Jobseekers to seriously consider the benefits of Contract Staffing. Please get in touch with us to understand how we at Job Vision India can help reduce your cost of hiring and delivery capacity through Contract Staffing.

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